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The Last Trumpet Project is set in the mid-2040s. For most humans, meatspace is no longer the location where the most important events in their lives take place. A million full-immersion virtual worlds beckon in the cyberverse, where anything can be experienced, where anyone can live however they choose, even be whomever they choose.

Aging is now a lifestyle choice. The distinction between work and play has largely been obliterated. Meatspace nation states teeter on the edge of extinction, supplanted by voluntary cyberverse communities organized around common interests.

Most significantly, artificial intelligence has now completely surpassed biological human intelligence in ability. Many humans have augmented their intelligence cybernetically. Some have even given up their biological bodies altogether and become pure AIs, existing wholly on non-biological substrates.

But not all are enamored of this brave new world of total freedom and infinite possibility. There are those who believe that man is and must always remain a biological being, despite its limitations. A Luddite reactionary movement sweeps the globe. In a desperate effort to turn back their own dissolution and reverse their growing irrelevance, an alliance of the remnants of church and state plot to disrupt the cyberverse and return humanity forcibly to its origins.

But the cyberverse is not about to go quietly into the night.

Two young couples find themselves caught up in the spreading strife. With roots in both worlds, they must decide how to reconcile the opposing viewpoints, both in the world at large and within themselves. Meanwhile a secret assembly of non-biological super-geniuses is resurrecting the dead, and pondering how best to end the conflict.

The following excerpts will provide a flavorful taste of the novel:

Chapter 12 - "New Year's Eve" - excerpt
Chapter 22 - "Operation Skull Fracture" - excerpt
Chapter 25 - "An Appeal to Reason" - excerpt
Chapter 27 - "Piece de Resistance" - excerpt
Chapter 33 - "The Battle of Phoenix" - excerpt
Chapter 37 - "State of the Dark Art" - excerpt

Author Kevin MacArdry's foreword to the book is available here.

The author's blog can be read here.

The author is also in the process of providing chapter-by-chapter commentary on the novel, on its relevance to trends already emerging in our own time today, and explaining why he made the choices that he did in writing it. Just as movie DVDs provide bonus "making of" material, we provide this supplemental material here on this website. But unlike movie sites, we also provide reader discussion forums. Your purchase of the book also gets you an non-expiring subscription login to this site.

And unlike a printed book, you can purchase this one (and the website membership) for under $6!

The Last Trumpet Project is approximately 148,000 words, consisting of 56 chapters and 459 printed pages.

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