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Making Payment

Making Your Payment

Please review the recapitulation of your order terms. If anything is incorrect, you may use the Back button in your browser to make changes. (You may need to answer 'Yes' to a question involving the re-posting of form items.)

Also, please note your order number for reference, and to use on any correspondence with us about your order. Our order help email address is: orders@lasttrumpetproject.com.

Clicking on the payment system button at the bottom will take you to the secure website of the payment system that you have selected. Once your payment has been made, you will be able to click a button to return to our site. In addition, we will send you an email confirming your order when your payment has been received and confirmed.

You may also receive additional email from the payment system confirming your purchase.

Our payment accounts are in the name of AUG Enterprises, Inc., a Colorado corporation.

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Purchase the Book

This website is the only website for The Last Trumpet Project approved by the author.

To purchase your copy of the novel, please click here.

You may also read it online for free by registering a login on this site. (See the more information and excerpt pages for the required passcode).