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Purchase Data

Step 2 Purchase Help

There are at least two possible inputs on this screen.

  1. Your website login name. You may select any desired username, from 3 up to 32 characters. By default, the system will attempt to use your email name. If you do not want this, you may change it to something else. Since logins on our system have to be unique, your name will be rejected if someone else is already using it. If you are not interested in establishing a website login, you may ignore this field or leave it blank. We reserve the right to alter names which are deemed offensive, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate.
  2. Website login waiver checkbox. If you are purchasing a downloadable ebook or ebook CD, and do not want a login for our website, then you may check this box. If you do so, anything entered for a login name (above) will be ignored.
  3. Additionally, if you are purchasing a physical ebook CD, you will be prompted for a complete mailing address. Your CD will be mailed from within the United States, by regular first class mail. You may enter post office boxes, international addresses, etc., so long as the information is sufficient to cause delivery.

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Purchase the Book

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