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Purchase Options

Book Purchase Options

The Last Trumpet Project can be purchased in various ways, as follows.

  • Website Subscription Only - This means that you buy a login on this website. Using it, you can read the book online. You also gain access to discussion forums, author commentary, and other private content on the site. You do not receive a downloadable e-book. This is the least expensive option.

  • Ebook Download - This means that you purchase the book in electronic form in a .ZIP file, encrypted with a personalized password. You will need WinZip or equivalent in order to open the ZIP file. The book is provided in Adobe PDF, Kindle, and standard HTML formats. You also get a login on the website, to access bonus content and reader forums (though you may waive the login if you don't want one).

  • Ebook on CD-ROM - If you would like the book on a physical compact disc, this option is for you. You will need to supply a mailing address. The complete book will be on the CD, in PDF, Kindle, and HTML formats. Again, you also get a website login automatically, unless you waive it. There is a $2 shipping and handling surcharge for this option.

  • Trade Paperback Edition - If you would like a standard printed book, while supplies last we are offering the same trade paperback edition you would get from Lulu or Amazon, for a $5 discount. There is a $5 shipping and handling surcharge for this option, and the book will arrive within 2-3 weeks. Again, you get a website login unless you waive it.

Any of the above purchase options may be paid for using any payment vehicle which we accept.

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Purchase the Book

This website is the only website for The Last Trumpet Project approved by the author.

To purchase your copy of the novel, please click here.

You may also read it online for free by registering a login on this site. (See the more information and excerpt pages for the required passcode).