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Kevin MacArdry

LTP for sale on new site, also featuring real digital cash!

It's always gratifying to an author when someone values your work enough to purchase it. But it's even more gratifying when someone offers to sell it!

Untraceable, metal-backed digital currency plays a role in my novel, in which a common means of effecting payment in the cyberverse is through Aurumnet. Aurumnet, for "element net," is just such a system.

The Voucher-Safe digital cash system is an implementation of what could be described as a very early form of Aurumnet. It's controlled by people and businesses acting as asset publishers, issuers, and merchants, rather than by the super AIs which control Aurumnet in the 2040s. And so far, it isn't linked to a global mesh protocol called DrOS, as Aurumnet is in my book, simply because DrOS has yet to be developed! Nevertheless I consider this technology to be an exciting step in the direction of truly free market digital commodity money.

The group which is promoting the adoption of the Voucher-Safe technology is called the Digital Cash Alliance(external link). They're also selling awesome VPN credentials from Cryptohippie, and books and t-shirts, and taking donations to support their work. One of the books they have decided to sell, with my permission, is The Last Trumpet Project, which is available in either printed or e-book form.

I would sincerely urge anyone who enjoys the crypto-anarchist themes in my book to take a good look at the work the Digital Cash Alliance is now doing.

Kevin MacArdry
30 August, 2015

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