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Kevin MacArdry

The Empire of Surveillance Gets Real

Sadly, This Isn't in a Novel

In the LTP, governments are quite limited in their ability to spy on the cyberverse, because they've become impoverished, and thus have fallen behind and no longer have access to the best and latest technology. Unfortunately in today's world, governments are still printing money to buy the latest and greatest technology, and thus are able to spy on the Internet to an amazing extent. (If you doubt that it's truly that bad, then please read this(external link).)

So what do we do, what can we do, to protect ourselves as individuals? The answer is to utilize the pro-privacy technology that's already available to us today! Fortunately, there is no way to pass a law which mandates that mathematics will be easier if you're working for the government. Number one on the hit parade of easy-to-use privacy tech? Virtual private networks, or VPNs. These are discussed in my book, because I thought (and continue to think) that they'll still be a vital part of networking infrastructure even in the 2040s.

But they're also available today. I can enthusiastically recommend one VPN vendor in particular (simply because I'm involved with it), namely ElanVPN(external link). Everything we can preserve from being spied upon increases our chances that the government will be weaker in the future, as it is in the world of The Last Trumpet Project. Do both yourself and the future a favor, and go have a look.


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