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Kevin MacArdry

now a Prometheus Finalist!

The Last Trumpet Project is now a Prometheus Award Finalist!

In a recent press release(external link), the LFS has announced the five finalists for this year's Prometheus Award for best novel. I'm very gratified to note that The Last Trumpet Project has made the cut as a finalist.

I consider this a vindication in two respects: first, that a self-published novel has beaten out five other nominated books published by mainstream/legacy publishers such as Ace, Baen, and Tor; and second, that an opus by L. Neil Smith (Ceres) is one of the other contenders. One never composes a novel with an eye to fulfilling contest criteria, but it was very much a goal of mine to write a book which was just as hard-hitting and principled as a book by L. Neil Smith. To find the result of my efforts in a direct face-off with one of his books, along with those of four other fine writers, is of course most gratifying.

I'd like to say "thank you" to the ten judges who selected the finalists. A copy of my book is now on the way to each of the 19 finalist judges. And with that, may the best novel win!

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