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Ordering FAQ Help

Questions and answers concerning ordering copies of the book on this website.



Question: What formats can I buy the book in?
Answer  We offer the formats described here.

Question: What payment methods can I use?
Answer  You can purchase the book using any of the payment vehicles described here.

Question: What download formats do you support?
Answer  We support Adobe PDF, Mobipocket eBook, and standard HTML.

PDF is best for displaying on a computer or laptop screen, or if you want to print out some or all of the novel.

If you have a Mobipocket or compatible reader device, or an Amazon Kindle, just transfer the eBook version from your computer to your reader.

If your bookscreen does not support the Mobipocket format, use the HTML version, which will generally display much better than PDF.

Question: Do you support any bookscreen formats?
Answer  Yes, we support Mobipocket eBook format (.prc). This will display on any Mobipocket-compatible reader device, including the Amazon Kindle.

Many manufacturers of portable bookscreens have invented their own proprietary "standard" book formats. It is of course impractical to support them all, so at present we only support the most widely used (Mobipocket). However many readers will also display PDF or HTML.0

If you have a specific request, you can let service (AT) lasttrumpetproject (DOT) com know and we'll see if it's possible to supply you a custom version for your device.

Question: When I bought my ebook, I waived off the website membership because I didn't think I'd want it. But now that I've read the book, I'd like to discuss it with fellow readers. Can I still get my login without needing to purchase it again?
Answer  Yes! Just email orders (AT) lasttrumpetproject (DOT) com and give us your order number, your download code or ZIP password, or the email address you used when you made your original purchase. We'll set up your login for you.

Question: I've forgotten my site login password!
Answer  Look for the login box at the top of the right column. You will see a link labeled "I forgot my password." Click on that and enter your username in the form that follows. Your password will be sent to your email address.

Question: Help, I've forgotten my login username!
Answer  We can look this up for you, if you can remember the email address you entered when you made your purchase. Please send an email to service (AT) lasttrumpetproject (DOT) com from that email address and ask for your username.

Question: How do I reach your customer service?
Answer  For issues about your order or ebook package: orders (AT) lasttrumpetproject (DOT) com.

For website support: service (AT) lasttrumpetproject (DOT) com.

Question: Do you sell anything besides this book?
Answer  As it happens, yes. Our company also sells websites similar to this one, aimed at groups of players of MMORPGs (virtual reality games). Please visit our other site at:

www.comoro.net(external link)

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This website is the only website for The Last Trumpet Project approved by the author.

To purchase your copy of the novel, please click here.

You may also read it online for free by registering a login on this site. (See the more information and excerpt pages for the required passcode).